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All my rides

Posted on 01/12/2021 in misc • Tagged with Personal, Cars

Every car I've owned

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Christmas 2020

Posted on 12/23/2020 in misc • Tagged with Personal, Family

It was certainly a year, wasn't it?

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Thanksgiving 2020

Posted on 11/25/2020 in misc • Tagged with Thanksgiving, Family, Personal

I have much to be thankful for

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29th Anniversary Haiku

Posted on 08/19/2020 in misc • Tagged with Personal, Haiku

Virus ruined Spring
A Summer of discontent
I still fall for her

Picture of Chris & Michelle

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What States Have You REALLY Visited?

Posted on 07/10/2020 in misc • Tagged with Personal


Do you remember back in the golden days of blogs when somebody would write something then a bunch of other people would write about the same thing and link back …

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My first professional site

Posted on 01/13/2020 in misc • Tagged with Personal

Earlier this week a long time Internet friend posted that she had found her old Hypermart site. Hypermart was "Geocities for businesses." I knew the three founders from my first …

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