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Richmond Liberty Trail

Posted on 12/29/2018 in misc • Tagged with Richmond, Virginia, Hikes, History

The Richmond Liberty Trail is Richmond's attempt to be like Boston with its Freedom Trail. I don't think Richmond is putting as much effort into their trail as Boston, and it shows.

The history along the six mile walk is certainly compelling, but we are locals and were hiking with …

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Tacky Light Tours

Posted on 12/16/2018 in misc • Tagged with Richmond

Christmas lights on house

Chris and Michelle on bus

A while back I wrote that my goal for the future was to do fun things with Michelle and make great memories. Or in those cases where the experience goes sideways, at least get a good story out of it. Well kids, sit back and relax, because it’s story …

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Petersburg VA Battlefield

Posted on 09/01/2018 in misc • Tagged with Travel, History, Richmond, Virginia

Photo of Petersburg Battlefield

My son and I visited Petersburg National Battlefield yesterday. Visiting a civil war battlefield with a civil war expert makes the experience much better. I highly recommend it. Petersburg was basically Lee's last stand that turned into a 9 month siege in which Grant bet (correctly) that he could outlast …

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Hollywood Cemetery - Richmond VA

Posted on 01/20/2018 in misc • Tagged with Travel, Richmond

The Iron Dog
The Confederate Memorial

So far 2018 has been bitterly cold in Richmond. Today was a glorious 63 degrees F and sunny. I was a good boy this AM and went to the gym, then watched Purdue just destroy Iowa at their arena. That's 3 straight Big 10 blowouts, 2 on …

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