Mother's Day Weekend at Powhatan State Park

Posted on 05/15/2023 in misc

Trip: 32
Nights: 103-104

I have avoided camping at Powhatan State Park because it's only 25 minutes from home. It turns out, that was a mistake. Powhatan is a fabulous park. The campground is only 29 sites, but all 29 are large, wooded, and private.

We arrived on Friday evening after work, and after a quick dinner of hot dogs and chips, we spent the evening around the campfire. Only being 25 minutes from home meant we had a solid cell signal at the campsite, so I listened to the Red Sox game. They blew the lead in the 9th and lost to the Cardinals.

Saturday morning we got up at 7 AM and headed out birding. The Turkey Trail runs along the line between a forest and a meadow, and it was a fabulous area for birds. I saw my first Prarie Warbler, and heard my first Kentucky Warbler, but the KY Warbler was deep in the woods and not inclined to come any closer. The meadow was covered in Indigo Buntings, but none of photos came out well as the blue was always washed out. Shockingly, I have not mastered bird photography in 2 weeks!

photo collage

After lunch on Saturday I went for another hike, and shortly after I made it back to the camper a line of thunderstorms rolled through, chasing us inside for a while. The Red Sox had an afternoon game on Saturday, and again blew the game in the 9th when the bullpen imploded. The threat of rain kept us inside that evening too, where I watched had the Dodgers - Padres game on TV in the background as Michelle kicked my ass in Gin Rummy and Scrabble. A fitting result, given it was Mother's Day weekend!

On Sunday morning we again when out birding, back in the same area. We saw a bunch of birds again. Afte that it was time to pack up and make the long 30 minute drive home. Pohatan is close to Richmond, so it's going to be really hot and humid in the summer months. But it's a nice base if you want to camp while exploring the RVA area.

BTW, it is pronounced Pow-ah-tan.

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