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Lewis Peak Hike and Camping Trip

Posted on 06/11/2017 in misc • Tagged with Hikes, Travel, Camping

Lewis Peak 1

I talked my wife into camping with me this weekend. This is a big deal because the last time she agreed to camp was 1999. That trip was a bit of a fiasco as we weathered the worse thunderstorm I've ever camped in, and we had a 5 year old …

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Is This Thing Still On?

Posted on 09/07/2016 in misc • Tagged with Personal, Travel, Camping, Music

I'd feel guilty about not writing here for four months, but it's not like I have any readers left to notice. If you are reading this leave a comment here, or on Facebook or Twitter, just so I know somebody still visits this blog.

August 19th was my 25th anniversary …

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Time to buy a weather radio

Posted on 09/26/2010 in misc • Tagged with Family, Camping, Travel

Weather forecasts sometimes change

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