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Baseball and radios

Posted on 04/24/2024 in misc • Tagged with Baseball, Family, Camping

This article isn't really about a radio

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Rethinking Fandom

Posted on 03/13/2022 in misc • Tagged with Books, Sports, Baseball

The sports we follow today are not the sports our fathers followed

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Baseball belongs on the radio

Posted on 02/26/2021 in misc • Tagged with Baseball, Sports

Why do the Blue Jays Hate Baseball?

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Coronavirus March 27

Posted on 03/27/2020 in misc • Tagged with Coronavirus, Baseball, Games

Out of the park baseball screenshot

Like everybody else, the pandemic is "top of mind" 24 x 7 for me. I'm writing to help myself not internalize all of it. You can find other posts in the series at https://odonnellweb.com/pelican/tag/coronavirus.html

I downloaded Out Of The Park Baseball 2020 last night …

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The Universal Baseball Association

Posted on 10/08/2019 in misc • Tagged with Books, Baseball

Universal Baseball Association book cover

I saw a blog post or email from author Dan Pink with a list of the 20 most influential books on his life. The list was mostly what you expect, except for The Universal Baseball Association by Robert Coover. I had never heard of the book. Being a huge baseball …

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Keeping Score

Posted on 08/13/2019 in misc • Tagged with Baseball, Richmond

Baseball scorecard

The last time I kept score at a baseball game was...I have no idea. I was probably less than 10 years old.

I was a Richmond Flying Squirrels game this past weekend, and it was game two of a doubleheader which is only a 7 inning game so I …

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Bye Bye Baseball Cards

Posted on 03/31/2019 in misc • Tagged with Facebook, Life, Baseball

Fred Lynn baseball card

A couple of years ago I occupied myself while Michelle was recovering from cancer treatment by finally organizing the 5000 odd baseball cards I had in boxes in the closet. At the time I thought I was just making use of the downtime to downsize a bit since we were …

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A Defense of the Humble Box Score

Posted on 04/02/2018 in misc • Tagged with Baseball

Box scores

With the start of MLB season comes the annual challenge of keeping up with all the important baseball news. Back in the olden days you would open up your local newspaper to the sports section. If you lived in a baseball town you got in-depth coverage of the hometown team …

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Faith Rewarded + 14

Posted on 03/10/2018 in misc • Tagged with Baseball

Final out 2004 World Series

14 years ago the Boston Red Sox were heading into the 2004 sense with renewed optimism. Even though the sting of Aaron F'ing Boone's extra inning game 7 HR had not quite faded, the Red Sox had added Curt Shilling and Keith Foulke to the team, and there was reason …

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Herd Immunity From Criticism

Posted on 04/08/2017 in misc • Tagged with Baseball, Education, Finance

Cherry Blossoms

Last week I finished reading Ahead of the Curve, Inside the Baseball Revolution, which is a book about the dramatic changes in evaluating baseball talent in the last decade or so. Don't worry, this isn't a nerdy baseball article, although I suspect many of you would be perfectly OK with …

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Out Of My League by Dirk Hayhurst

Posted on 12/27/2016 in misc • Tagged with Books, Baseball

Out Of My League by Dirk Hayhurst

Dirk continues the story he started in The Bullpen Chronicles, detailing life as a fringe prospect hanging on as the 25th guy on the major league roster. It’s far more absurd than you might think. The 26th guy is in AAA, living …

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Bigger Than the Game by Dirk Hayhurst

Posted on 12/05/2016 in misc • Tagged with Books, Baseball

Bigger Than The Game: Restitching a Major League Career by Dirk Hayhurst

Bigger Than The game is Hayhurst’s 2nd full season in MLB, which ends up being an entire season on the DL. It’s darker than his previous books, diving into issues of team chemistry when you are …

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What if I was born to run in the grass

Posted on 11/20/2016 in misc • Tagged with Books, Music, Baseball

Catching up on a few recently completed book. Or not completed, as the case may be.

Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen

It’s a much better song than a book. Bruce wrote a book much like his concerts, long and rambling. He desperately needed a strong armed editor on …

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Closing the book on the Red Sox

Posted on 05/19/2016 in misc • Tagged with Sports, Baseball, Soccer


Baseball has been one of my passions since I was about 5 or 6 years old. I clearly remember anxiously awaiting my Dad to bring home the Stars and Stripes from the base in Spain so that I could read the box scores and keep up with the Red Sox …

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Never walk by a red dress

Posted on 04/18/2012 in misc • Tagged with Books, Baseball, Life

Sage advice from Buck O'Neill

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Spring Training Thoughts

Posted on 02/04/2012 in misc • Tagged with Sports, Baseball

Pic from Red-Sox vs Nats

I exited the office early today and took in a couple of hours of sun and baseball with the Red Sox and Nationals. The Red Sox won, not that it matters in a Spring Training game. I left in the bottom of the 7th when both teams on the field …

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Trophies for dead people

Posted on 07/12/2006 in misc • Tagged with Baseball, Life

Who is ordering stuff from Crown Trophies for dead people?

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The quickest baseball game ever

Posted on 05/25/2006 in misc • Tagged with Baseball

6 innings in 80 minutes

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A Note to Fox TV

Posted on 07/13/2004 in misc • Tagged with Baseball, TV

Start the All-Star game earlier!

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Baseball and Reading

Posted on 07/13/2004 in misc • Tagged with Baseball, Books

Why does baseball generate so much written word?

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