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Drinking a beer in the basement bowling alley at The White House.

About Chris O'Donnell

My acting career started and ended in 5th grade. I had a non-verbal, yet very challenging role as tooth decay in a Dental Health Week production on oral hygiene. I followed up that success by trying out for the part of Hansel in Hansel and Gretel. My best friend got the role, and the kissing scene with Gretel. I got offered the job as stage manager. I took the hint, and left the stage behind forever. In other words, I am not the actor. Today I live in Richmond VA with my wife, a Jackshund (Jack Russell / Dachshund mix), one college student, and one recent college grad. O'DonnellWeb really has no editorial direction, I write about whatever interests me at the moment.

About O'DonnellWeb

O'DonnellWeb was launched on 12/31/1995. That makes it one of the longest continuously running personal websites on the Internet. In fact, it was one of the first 100,000 web sites ever published. I bought the domain name in 1998, however the site was called O'DonnellWeb from day one. I even wrote fairly regular updates and essays back then. Thankfully, none of that really early content survived my various server moves. I've been through most of the major CMS tools over the years, and in early 2014 I moved the site to Drupal, as an exercise in learning Drupal. At the end of 2014 I converted back to Pelican (a static site generator) as I was averaging one blog post and 3 Drupal security updates per month.

At one time there were over 5000 posts here. Currently it's well less than 1000. Before we had Twitter I used this site like my own personal Twitter, updating with short "Hey check this out" links multiple times per day. Well over half those links were dead, so I deleted the lot. Likewise, for several years my delicio.us links auto posted here once a day. I blew those away too. That got me down to about 2000. The rest were a combination of reactions to other blog posts where the source post was gone, moment in time personal posts that while important to me, are kind of pointless to have online today. I've saved all that stuff, as it's a nice diary of my life. I won't call what's left a "best of" list, but it's the collection of posts that for various reasons I thought were worth keeping online. My attempts to move the comments over with the posts failed. All the comments are in Disqus, but there isn't any way to associate them with the original blog posts, so nobody can see the comments.


Email Me: chris@odonnellweb.com