A Note to Fox TV

Posted on 07/13/2004 in misc

Scooter, the animated baseball that explains stuff to kids, would be more useful if you would actually start the All-Star game BEFORE 9 PM EST. It may be summer, but 8 year olds aren't going to be up at midnight to watch the end of game.

My kid bailed out when Soriano went deep to make it 6-0 American League. He said he'd rather read than watch Clemens pitch batting practice. I rather enjoyed watching Clemens get shelled :)

Another thought, it greatly bothers me that Fox TV thinks we need an animated baseball to explain a slider to the kids. Any kid old enough to be up at 9 PM watching baseball should not only know what a slider is, he should be trying to throw one in Little League!

Yes, I know breaking balls are bad for kid's arms. I would never coach a kid to thrown one, but I damn sure expect them to be trying when I'm not looking.

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