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2018 in selfies

Posted on 01/07/2019 in misc • Tagged with Personal, Family

photo collage

I've done this for the last few years - pulled out my favorite selfies from the year and put them into a slideshow. Why yes, this is a low effort blog post just posting something I already made. Why do you ask?

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Happy Holidays

Posted on 12/19/2017 in misc • Tagged with Facebook, Internet, Family

Happy Holidays

So, about that theory that by mostly quitting Facebook I'd write more here... I have been sending an email newsletter every week though.

A lot has happened since my last post back in September. The big news is that we have bailed out of the Washington DC area rat race …

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Men with or without hats

Posted on 01/02/2017 in misc • Tagged with Family, Hats, Etiquette

nice hat

My wife bought me a flat cap for Christmas. It’s first hat I’ve ever owned that isn’t a baseball cap or a winter stocking hat. This led to me googling “men’s hat etiquette” because I was curious if it had changed since the men never wear …

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Maybe 2016 wasn't so bad

Posted on 01/01/2017 in misc • Tagged with Family

Yesterday I was doing the important work of organizing the 2016 photo directory on my PC. As I was moving photos into various folders based on events or trips I realized that maybe 2016 wasn't as bad as it seemed in recent months. I mean, these selfies cover the entire …

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Breast Cancer Support 101 For Guys

Posted on 10/17/2016 in misc • Tagged with Personal, Fuck_Cancer, Family

Picture of Michelle

My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer about a month ago. It was a total shock, as it was discovered in her routine annual mammogram. She went in for her yearly check up on a Friday, the following Monday I was taking her to the Women’s Health Center for …

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The Epic Puerto Rico Vacation Post II - Rincon

Posted on 12/31/2015 in misc • Tagged with Family, Travel, Puerto_Rico

We pick up the vacation review on the West side of the island, in Rincon. Rincon is famous for being named in The Beach Boys song Surfin' Safari. Rincon is a sleepy, laid back beach town that traditionally has had a bit of a hippie vibe to it. However, there …

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