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3 Reasons to Blog More Often in 2018

Posted on 01/02/2018 in misc • Tagged with Internet

2017 In A Picture

At this point anybody that is paying attention is probably sick of "Why Social Media Sucks" articles." However, if we just keep doing social media the same way and don't change, things won't get better. I'm not under any illusion that anything I personally do here is going to have …

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Blogging For 22 Years

Posted on 12/28/2017 in misc • Tagged with Site-News, Internet, Personal

2017 In A Picture

This site went online on 12/31/1995, so it's going to be 22 years old. Like most things as they grow up, they get more risk averse, and let's just be honest here, more boring. However, 2017 seems to have been much busier than 2016.

Posts in 2016 - 37 …

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Happy Holidays

Posted on 12/19/2017 in misc • Tagged with Facebook, Internet, Family

Happy Holidays

So, about that theory that by mostly quitting Facebook I'd write more here... I have been sending an email newsletter every week though.

A lot has happened since my last post back in September. The big news is that we have bailed out of the Washington DC area rat race …

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The Great Facebook Unfollowing

Posted on 09/17/2017 in misc • Tagged with Internet, Facebook

Facebook Image

Over the past few months my morning routine when checking Facebook has been to scroll through the "On This Day" posts from previous years, and delete everything that is not a photo or remembrance of me doing something fun with friends or family. It turns out that I don't even …

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Installing a Comodo SSL Certificate on Webfaction

Posted on 07/23/2017 in misc • Tagged with Internet, Security


With Google getting more and more picky about ignoring websites that don't use SSL, I went ahead and added a SSL certificate to ODonnellWeb. I think the whole exercise is pretty damn silly. There is nothing non-public on the site, and no opportunity to login or otherwise share any sensitive …

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Posted on 06/21/2017 in misc • Tagged with Books, Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Google

The Circle


That is the mantra of The Circle, the fictional but all too plausible social media company that destroys Facebook, Twitter, Google and Instagram in the social media game in the Dave Eggers novel, The Circle. (It was also just released as …

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