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Amazon Primeless

Posted on 12/08/2018 in misc • Tagged with Internet, Amazon

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I let my Amazon Prime membership expire in late November. I honestly expected to miss it. I haven't. It turns out some of the regular health and beauty type stuff we had on auto ship with Prime is actually cheaper from Walmart.com. I managed to complete my Christmas shopping …

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50 Friends Sounds About Right

Posted on 12/07/2018 in misc • Tagged with Internet, Facebook

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As I've discussed previously, I found a happy medium with Facebook by reducing my friend count from about 500 to 225, and then unfollowing every one of them except my wife and kids. (They might post 5 times a month total). The real value I get from Facebook isn't in …

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Trace A Stream

Posted on 12/06/2018 in misc • Tagged with Internet, Facebook, Twitter

Screenshot of Trace A Stream Website

Today is Throwback Thursday, so I'm going old school and sharing a link the way we used to do it back in the olden days before Facebook and Twitter. Going viral back then meant hundreds or thousands of people independently deciding to write about your blog post on the same …

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Ghosting on Social Media

Posted on 12/05/2018 in misc • Tagged with Internet, Facebook

Picture of a ghost

Facebook gave me a birthday reminder today for a Facebook friend that I haven't seen online in 2+ years. We were close enough to "real" friends that we made several attempts at getting together in real life for lunch or happy hour, but we never quite got organized enough to …

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About That Google AI

Posted on 12/03/2018 in misc • Tagged with Google, Internet

Photo of supermarket

I got a notification this morning that the Google Photos AI had created a new photo book for me - Highlights of 2017. So I clicked though to take a look. Google thinks several things I photographed last year to sell on Craigslist qualify as highlights of my year. I have …

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31 Day Blogging Challenge 2018

Posted on 12/01/2018 in misc • Tagged with Site-News, Internet, Blogs

31 Day blogging challenge logo

Blame Andrea for this - she tweeted about it and 31 posts in a row might be what it takes for me to hit my 1 post a week goal for the year.

I'm kidding about that, I think. I'm pretty sure I'm over 30 blog posts for the year, so …

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