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Getting Google Music Manager Working on Linux

Posted on 01/30/2019 in misc • Tagged with Google, Music, Linux

My recent upgrade from Mint 17.3 to Mint 18.3 killed Google Music Manager. It seems to start up in that it shows as running in System Monitor, but there is no GUI. I tried un-installing and reinstalling and the same thing happened. I tried to downgrade to an …

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About That Google AI

Posted on 12/03/2018 in misc • Tagged with Google, Internet

Photo of supermarket

I got a notification this morning that the Google Photos AI had created a new photo book for me - Highlights of 2017. So I clicked though to take a look. Google thinks several things I photographed last year to sell on Craigslist qualify as highlights of my year. I have …

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Google Maps Features I'd Like To See

Posted on 10/15/2018 in misc • Tagged with Internet, Google

Google Map logo

Google Maps is a mature product and innovation seems to be lacking with it. In other words, it's like every other Google product. Here are a few things Google could add to Maps to make it more useful. I believe Google has the data to implement all these ideas now …

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How to find source of Adchoices ads on Android phones

Posted on 05/29/2018 in misc • Tagged with Internet, Google

Phone Screenshot

For the last week I've been vexed by a damn pop-up ad that took over my phone screen. The ads were for legit companies like Gerber Life Insurance and Honda. So I wasn't dealing with some skeevy malware, this was a legit ad network that had made it onto my …

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Posted on 06/21/2017 in misc • Tagged with Books, Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Google

The Circle


That is the mantra of The Circle, the fictional but all too plausible social media company that destroys Facebook, Twitter, Google and Instagram in the social media game in the Dave Eggers novel, The Circle. (It was also just released as …

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AI still has a ways to go

Posted on 10/09/2016 in misc • Tagged with Internet, Facebook, Google

Smart Mat

This is the first in what I hope will be a somewhat regular (3X a week?) series of quick blog posts about whatever I'm thinking about. A few years ago I decided to make my blog a repository for longer writing, and now I'm changing my mind and making an …

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