60 day update on operation de-Googlize my life

Posted on 11/06/2011 in misc

60 days of having less Google in my life, and somehow, my life doesn't feel empty of less fulfilling at all. Huh.

I'm a raving fan of Duck Duck Go. I strongly encourage both my readers to give it a try. I don't miss Google search at all.

As mentioned in the last update, I wasn't completely happy with Horde as my webmail client. So I tried Thunderbird with the calendar extension for a while, but I just hated having another application open just for mail. Also, my web host doesn't really want to be an email provider, and I was going to max out my email storage there fairly quickly. So I'm currently forwarding all my mail to Zoho, which is working out fine. The Zoho client is all Web 2.0 and Ajaxy, and seems to work as expected. They provide 1 GB of storage with the free account, and more if you pay.

Calendaring is in limbo at the moment. I'm still on Gcal, syncing with Outlook at work. I may just have to stick with Google for calendaring.

I took the recent "upgrade" to Reader as an opportunity to check out my options for RSS readers. There really aren't many. I'm back on Bloglines, which seems to be working ok for now.

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