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Is Generation X Bailing on Facebook?

Posted on 03/27/2018 in misc • Tagged with Internet, Facebook, Privacy

Gen X chart

As I've written previously, I've changed how I use Facebook. It's mostly about Groups and Events for me. I unfollowed everybody except my wife and kids. Now, when I want to check in with my friends I simply go straight to their walls or I use the "New Posts" filter …

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Facebook Was Not Hacked

Posted on 03/20/2018 in misc • Tagged with Internet, Facebook, Privacy

Crepy Facebook Eye Image

Facebook was not hacked by Cambridge Analytics. Hacking implies that CA broke into their data or otherwise circumvented Facebook somehow to get personal data on 5 million Americans. What actually happened is far, far worse.

The system worked exactly as designed. Facebook is in the data collection and sales business …

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The Right To Be Forgotten

Posted on 04/22/2017 in misc • Tagged with Internet, Privacy


Back in the olden days, (defined as the beginning of human communication to about 2005), 99.9% of anything you ever said or did would be quickly forgotten by anybody that heard it, yourself included. A stupid comment, tasteless joke, or even just an opinion you might later change wasn't …

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About That Facebook Login Icon

Posted on 04/17/2017 in misc • Tagged with Internet, Facebook, Privacy

Happy Easter or Passover or whatever you may be celebrating today. In our home, today was Chris sitting on the couch recovering from food poisoning day. I did most of my suffering between 2 AM and 6 AM, so I was able to enjoy a traditional Easter ham dinner with …

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American Express Doesn't Get It

Posted on 11/12/2001 in misc • Tagged with Privacy, Business

American Express is tracking users when they pay a bill online

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