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What happened to January?

Posted on 02/03/2023 in misc • Tagged with Travel, Music, Books, TV

Media consumption and other notes from January

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The Cahow or Bermuda Petrel

Posted on 12/31/2022 in misc • Tagged with Birds, Books

My final book of the year introduced to amazing story of the conservation effort for the Cahow

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My Favorite Books of 2022

Posted on 12/26/2022 in misc • Tagged with Books

My favorites from the 47 books I read this year.

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Acceptance: A Memoir by Emi Neitfeld

Posted on 12/17/2022 in misc • Tagged with Books

If you are writing a memoir before you are 30, you are either deluded, or you have seen some shit.

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You've Been Played: How Corporations, Governments, and Schools Use Games to Control Us All

Posted on 11/26/2022 in misc • Tagged with Books, Internet

The game of life is literally a game now, and you are not winning.

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What was the book for you

Posted on 08/30/2022 in misc • Tagged with Books

What was the book that made you a lifelong reader?

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Posted on 08/23/2022 in misc • Tagged with Books, Homeschooling, Education

Her PhD is not a testament to homeschooling

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Would You Take the Do-over

Posted on 07/09/2022 in misc • Tagged with Books, Personal

Would you take the do-over on your formative years if it was offered?

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Inputs - March 22

Posted on 04/06/2022 in misc • Tagged with Music, TV, Books, Movies

Media consumption for March 22

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Warriors Don't Cry

Posted on 03/19/2022 in misc • Tagged with Books, History

The Searing Memoir of the Battle to Integrate Little Rock's Central High by Melba Pattillo Beals

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Rethinking Fandom

Posted on 03/13/2022 in misc • Tagged with Books, Sports, Baseball

The sports we follow today are not the sports our fathers followed

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Inputs - Feb 22

Posted on 02/28/2022 in misc • Tagged with Music, Books, TV, Movies

Media Consumption in February 2022

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Inputs - Jan 2022

Posted on 02/07/2022 in misc • Tagged with Books, Music, Internet, TV

It's like a Substack newsletter, without the beg for a subscription.

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Maid: A book review

Posted on 10/17/2021 in misc • Tagged with Books, Economics, Politics


It’s been a while since I elevated a book review to the front page, so you know this book is special.

I finished Maid, by Stephanie Land last week. Put simply, it’s the best look at what life is really like for the working poor that you will …

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Before the Coffee Gets Cold: A Novel

Posted on 02/26/2021 in misc • Tagged with Books

Always read the terms and conditions before traveling through time

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Suggested Reading by Dave Connis

Posted on 01/23/2021 in misc • Tagged with Books

It's a love letter to reading sprinkled with a healthy dose of teenage rebellion and angst.

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Tone, Twang, and Taste - A Guitar Memoir

Posted on 01/18/2021 in misc • Tagged with Books, Music

Follow along as Pete Kennedy takes you on a tour of his life in music.

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Running With Sherman

Posted on 01/15/2021 in misc • Tagged with Books

There is a lot in this book for animal lovers, runners, and really anybody that could use an uplifting story. And right now, isn't that all of us?

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A Look Back at The Underground History of Education

Posted on 12/28/2020 in misc • Tagged with Education, Books, Homeschooling

Does it hold up 15 years after I first read it?

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My Top 5 Books of 2020

Posted on 12/19/2020 in misc • Tagged with Books

It's my top 5 list. Yours is probably different.

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