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A Silver Lining in the Stock Market

Posted on 12/21/2018 in misc • Tagged with Economics, Politics

Unemployment is still low, and wages are creeping up. GDP is growing too. By all normal factors the stock market should not be tanking like it is.

However, these are hardly normal times.

Maybe, just maybe, this market correction is a sign that reality is starting to emerge from its …

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State Funded Racism is Alive and Well in 2018

Posted on 12/11/2018 in misc • Tagged with Politics, History

This article about current government expenditures to maintain monuments to racism is remarkable. At a time when basic government functions such as education and public safety are underfunded coast to coast, US government entities are spending millions maintaining pro-Confederate memorials and monuments to racism.

Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library …

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Posted on 07/04/2018 in misc • Tagged with Politics

Chevy logo

Eh. One of out three or four isn't bad I guess. We are going to the Flying Squirrels baseball game tonight, to be followed by fireworks. We own three Toyotas, and although I like apple pie, it's not on the menu today. I don't remember the hot dog being part …

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Immigrants Actually Did It

Posted on 01/23/2018 in misc • Tagged with Politics

grilled cheese

My great-grandfather got on a boat in Ireland in 1905, and ended up in Boston, MA a few weeks later. He had $2.50 in his pocket, one suitcase, and a sister in Woburn, MA. From that humble beginning my family got established in the US, and fought for the …

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Do You Feel Lucky?

Posted on 03/14/2017 in misc • Tagged with Economics, Politics

Dan Baird - SoLow

A couple of weeks ago the Techdirt podcast featured a fascinating interview with Robert H Frank, Professor at Cornell and author of the recently released Success and Luck: Good Fortune and the Myth of Meritocracy. This is a subject I've debated a few times on various Internet forums, usually as …

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Healthcare for America

Posted on 03/08/2017 in misc • Tagged with Healthcare, Politics

Hey Guys, I solved the healthcare issue!

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