2016 Presidential Endorsement

Posted on 10/10/2016 in misc

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In the storied 20 year history of ODonnellWeb we have never endorsed a candidate for any office. However, the events of 2016 leave us no choice but to endorse Hillary Clinton for President. The simple fact is that she is the only one running even remotely qualified for the job. She spent 8 years in the White as First Lady, she was in the Senate for 12 years, and she was Secretary of State. We are quite impressed by Jill Stein's time on town council. but it doesn't quite measure up. Likewise, Gary Johnson was a decent governor for NM, however he did it during a booming economy. He didn't have to make any tough calls, like remembering the name of a foreign leader.

Over her career Clinton has been a tireless advocate for important issues such as children's health care and the rights of women to not be sexually assaulted by an orange asshole, or asshole of any color for that matter. Yes, she may a little too chummy with Wall Street, but at least she will keep the SEC intact, unlike Gary Johnson, who apparently looks at the 2008 financial meltdown and wonders how much farther he can push it with even more unrestrained capitalism.

We have surveyed our overseas networks of friends via Twitter and Facebook, and 100% of them have asked us what the hell is wrong with our country that anybody can take Trump seriously for anything. These are people that live in counties with functioning health care systems that don't bankrupt families, education systems that result in citizens smart enough to recognize that Trump is a joke, and transportation systems that don't grind to a halt at the sight of a roundabout. They are clearly smarter than us, and we should heed their concerns.

Trump is a sexual predator that has bilked investors and taxpayers out of billions, and vendors out of hundreds of millions of dollars, while screwing over three wives. His VP thinks evolution and climate change are liberal conspiracies. Gary Johnson is a decent enough person, just hopelessly naive about the effects of unrestrained capitalism and market based solutions to problems markets can't solve. I don't disagree with Jill Stein on much, but a local politician winning the White House and getting shit done is a movie plot, not the basis of real life change.

Our best bet for a more progressive future starts with electing Hillary Clinton as President in November.

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