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2021 Was Certainly a Year

Posted on 12/31/2021 in misc • Tagged with Site-News, Personal

We did it. We survived another year in a pandemic.

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My blog is eligible for lower car insurance rates

Posted on 12/31/2020 in misc • Tagged with Site-News

I've really been doing this for 25 years?

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New book page

Posted on 01/22/2020 in misc • Tagged with Books, Site-News

If you look in the left column you'll see a new link to 2020 Books. Posting book reviews allows me to feel like I wrote something, without really writing. I'll …

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New Year New Server

Posted on 01/12/2019 in misc • Tagged with Site News

My web host got bought out by a large hosting company that I don't want to deal with. So I get to migrate to a new host. This is made …

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31 Days 31 blog posts

Posted on 01/01/2019 in misc • Tagged with Site-News, Blogs

So I actually managed to push a blog post every day in December. And by every day I mean there is a post dated for each day of the month …

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23 years of blogging

Posted on 12/31/2018 in misc • Tagged with Site-News, Blogs

I started this silly little site on 12-31-1995. It's older than my daughter, by about a month. I'm not going to repeat the full origin story. Hit that previous link …

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