31 Days 31 blog posts

Posted on 01/01/2019 in misc

So I actually managed to push a blog post every day in December. And by every day I mean there is a post dated for each day of the month. I actually wrote ahead by a day or two for much of the month. I'm sure you are wondering what it all means.

By "I'm sure you are wondering" what I really mean is I can't imagine why anybody really cares.

My primary reason for taking on this challenge was to see how writing every day for a month impacted me. Would I see the world more clearly? Would a novel I didn't know was in me come to light? Would I be happier?

Yes. No. Maybe?

I did notice after about 10 days that I started thinking like a writer again. What I mean by that is that everything that occurred in my life was getting filtered through a "can I make this into a blog post" filter. I'm not really sure if that is good or bad. I imagine many writers live like that, constantly filing life events in a mental or maybe physical folder of future ideas. On the other hand, if I'm mentally writing a blog post am I failing to be fully present in the moment? Does it matter?

One thing that was an absolute benefit is that the time I spent staring at gedit writing was time I wasn't mindlessly scrolling through Twitter. That is an absolute win. I also started doing the Soduku puzzle from the newspaper most days, which was another way to engage my brain without being online. I think the lesson here for me is that I need to make sure I have ample things to do that do not involve a web browser, because otherwise I'll default to mindless scrolling.

Also, instead of reading a news article and moving on, I found myself frequently thinking about how I would respond to it in the blog. In most cases, it never went beyond a few moments of thinking, but even that seems like a big improvement over just consuming the content and moving on. It engages the brain, and it slows down the firehouse of incoming news a bit. So that seems like a win.

Overall, a regular writing practice, and it probably doesn't really matter if it's a public blog or a personal journal that nobody else sees, does seem to force the writer to slow down a bit. That seems like something we could all benefit from. I kind of wish I didn't need to post on Facebook and Twitter to get anybody to see the blog posts, but that is how the online world works in 2019. Ironically, almost everybody commenting on my posts on my Facebook wall are people I would have expected to see in my blog comments back in 2005.

I'm not planning on posting every day in 2019. I'm not planing on every other day either. Every third day might reasonable though.

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