New book page

Posted on 01/22/2020 in misc

If you look in the left column you'll see a new link to 2020 Books. Posting book reviews allows me to feel like I wrote something, without really writing. I'll still post book reviews when I read something particularly interesting, but otherwise I'll put the reviews on the review page and not clog up the blog with nothing but book reviews. Six of the last nine blog posts are book reviews. That's no way to run a blog.

Speaking of running a blog, two old school homeschool bloggers are back to their blogs. Maybe this is the year we all get our words off of FaceInstaTwit or whatever. Yes, I do have this hope every year at about this time. In the meantime, go say hello to Melissa and Andrea.

One thing I've struggled with is comments. I used to feel like blogs needed comments. These days I can accept that blogs are places where we can put our words and thoughts out there without all the distractions of FaceInstaTwit. My email address is at the bottom of every post - if you have something to say you know what to do.

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I like hearing from readers, all three of you! Nobody comments on blogs anymore, and I'd rather not use Facebook or Twitter as a comment system so it's back to the email.