2021 Was Certainly a Year

Posted on 12/31/2021 in misc

This silly website is now 26 years old. It’s older than one of my kids. It’s older than 99% of the websites alive today. It’s older than the Dole - Kemp 96 campaign website, which, inexplicably, is also still online.

Our 2021 was a lot like our 2020, but with less stress, especially once we were both fully vaccinated by the Spring. I had hoped that by fall 2021 we be into the endemic phase of COVID and not still in a pandemic, but the anti-vaxxers need their freedumb. Personally, I’m hoping their freedumb is served with a ventilator. I’m out of patience of with them. They are literally making life miserable for millions of people. That’s not freedom, it’s terrorism, and should be treated as such.

We had plans to dress up fancy and go out on NYE, but Omicron invited itself to the party, so we opted out of our plans. The band ultimately canceled the show, so we are even getting our ticket money back. Does that count as 2021 going out on a good note? You are deprived of a selfie of us dressed up fancy, though.

2021 highlights include a week in the Smokies, a bunch of weekend camping trips around Virginia, a week between jobs highlighted by Asheville, driving the entire Blue Ridge Parkway over two trips, Purdue Homecoming, and wrapping up the year with a week on the beach on Puerto Rico.

2022 will look similar, except that we are headed north to explore Western NY and Arcadia NP with the camper, some time in WV, and if all goes well, another week in Puerto Rico to end the year. I also plan to work on working from the camper this year, to open up mid-week travel opportunities for us. I can do my job from anywhere, so why not? Hopefully earlier than later in 2022 we can stop thinking about COVID-19, and let it fade into the background noise of life.

So that’s a wrap on 2021, and the 35 blog posts I wrote and 48 books I read over the course of the year. I’ll see y’all in 2022.

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