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Fake Instagram Influencers

Posted on 12/19/2018 in misc • Tagged with Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Way back in the day when blogs ruled the Internet getting admitted to the BlogAds network was kind of a big deal. It meant that you could start to make some cash from ads on your blog, and it meant your blog mattered at some level since advertisers were willing …

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Trace A Stream

Posted on 12/06/2018 in misc • Tagged with Internet, Facebook, Twitter

Screenshot of Trace A Stream Website

Today is Throwback Thursday, so I'm going old school and sharing a link the way we used to do it back in the olden days before Facebook and Twitter. Going viral back then meant hundreds or thousands of people independently deciding to write about your blog post on the same …

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Don't Boost The Trolls

Posted on 10/16/2018 in misc • Tagged with Internet, Twitter

Picture of trolls

On Mastodon, the "retweet" feature is called boost, and it has no capability for you to add commentary. This means if you boost something to your followers, you are amplifying the message. There is no mechanism for the user to boost something while providing commentary on it. This means almost …

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The Internet Needs To End

Posted on 09/05/2018 in misc • Tagged with Internet, Facebook, Twitter

Photo of endoftheinternet.com

I was reading the news online recently and realized something. I've been making an effort to get my news from the local paper via their online edition. By online edition I mean a digital representation of the day's newspaper, not the website. I literally flip through the pages, just like …

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The Attention Economy

Posted on 04/29/2018 in misc • Tagged with Business, Facebook, Twitter

Help Wanted sign

The entire attention economy is based on the idea that "engagement" (whatever that is) has some monetary value. Likes and favorites are worth something, and thus brands are willing to spend big bucks on Twitter and Facebook ads. Well, some brands. Proctor & Gamble is not convinced.

What if the entire …

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Posted on 03/02/2018 in misc • Tagged with Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Books

City Book Cover

I read City by Clifford Simak recently. If you haven't read it, it is a dystopian cold war era novel in which man abandons the cities due to fear of nuclear war. Society breaks down as everybody lives in isolation, population dwindles, and eventually most humans abandons the earth, leaving …

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