Is it time to quit Twitter

Posted on 10/23/2022 in misc

I'm mostly thinking out loud here, so everything in this post might be complete nonsense.

The Elon Musk takeover of Twitter is expected to be official this week. It's a safe bet that the Twitter user experience is about to get much worse. It is rumored he intends to cut 75% of Twitter staff immediately. It is also safe to assume that he'll be cutting 100% of the safety and security staff. The only thing not allowed on Twitter will be criticism of Musk. That will almost certainly get you banned. Meanwhile Trump and his band of Nazis will be invited back to run amok in a putrid overflowing sewer of racist, misogynistic, misinformation.

When I type it out like that it kind of makes my next move obvious, doesn't it?

I'm leaning towards just quitting. I hesitate a bit because I do use Twitter as my primary touch point with some friends, and I'd hate to lose that just because of Musk. So I'm also thinking about unfollowing just about everybody and limiting my use to interaction with just those folks I know in real life or have actual Internet based friendships with. That would probably be 50 or so of the 600 odd people I follow on Twitter. I imagine half of those accounts aren't even active anyway.

Then again, if those friends are not willing to send or answer the occasional email, maybe I'm overestimating the value of my Twitter friendships.

Update - I did the above already. Down to following about 150 people.

If you are thinking, but you haven't quit Facebook, Chris...I never claimed to be consistent. I've found a way to use Facebook that doesn't leave me agitated or annoyed, and the reality is that is where most of my friends and family are there.

Another reality, this website has been here since 1995. Prior to Facebook becoming a thing exactly zero old high school / college friends contacted me via the website. (I was #1 for my name on Google for the entire first decade of this century.) I'm super happy about how I've been able to reconnect with so many old friends (many IRL) due to Facebook, but I'm also aware if I disappeared from Facebook tomorrow those that I haven't been hanging out with in real life at least occasionally probably wouldn't notice.

To summarize, giving the planet access to a cheap, worldwide publishing platform may have been a mistake.

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