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80s Movie Week

Posted on 09/25/2021 in misc • Tagged with Movies

We re-watched five classic 80s movies this week

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Always Go To The Funeral

Posted on 12/26/2020 in misc • Tagged with Life, Movies

Do the little things. They add up.

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Posted on 02/04/2019 in misc • Tagged with Movies

Frye promo poster

We watched the Netflix produced Fyre Fest documentary over the weekend. I remember the blow up on the social media when guests started posting pictures of the grounds and accommodations …

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Roman Holiday

Posted on 12/27/2018 in misc • Tagged with Movies

Roman Holiday Poster

Audrey Hepburn is beautiful, charming, vulnerable, regal, and funny; all at the same time as the Princess of an unnamed European Country that slips out of the embassy for a …

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Sunderland Till I Die

Posted on 12/24/2018 in misc • Tagged with Movies

Sunderland Till I Die is a Netflix original series that in 8 episodes follows the Sunderland Football Club through the 2017-2018 season. It was their first season in The Championship …

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Holiday Affair

Posted on 12/23/2018 in misc • Tagged with Movies

Sportswriter Craig Calcaterra mentioned on Twitter this week that Holiday Affair is an overlooked holiday movie classic. I had never heard of it so I added it to my Roku …

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