My first professional site

Posted on 01/13/2020 in misc

Earlier this week a long time Internet friend posted that she had found her old Hypermart site. Hypermart was "Geocities for businesses." I knew the three founders from my first Internet job. They started the site with one server and in less than a year (IIRC) they had sold it for millions. However, I also then remembered that I had a Hypermarrt site at one time. It was my first freelance consulting site. What are the odds had captured the site? What are the odds I even remembered the URL?

Screenshot of my first professional site

I remember being very proud of that brushed metal effect, which I'm pretty sure was a tutorial example in a "How to use Paint Shop Pro" book that I had. The screen capture is from 2000, however I lived in GA when I worked for the company mentioned in the site, so that site is from late 1997 or maybe early 1998. By late 90s standards it's not terrible. I kind of wish I had been a little more ambitious back then and started my own web agency. It's not like you had to be good to make a fortune in web design in the go-go dot com days of the late 90s.

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