Valentine's Day 2021

Posted on 02/14/2021 in misc

We stayed on our Coronavirus free couch and watched a movie while drinking hurricanes and eating King Cake in a combo Valentine's Day / Mardi Gras celebration.

However we did do something last night that we haven't done in a year....we made travel plans not involving camping! I booked us a tiny house in Asheville for our 30th anniversary in August. We are also planning a 3rd trip to Puerto Rico in December, as I don't really want to spend 6 days driving RT to camp for a week in Key West when we can just fly a few hours to San Juan. I have enough points to cover the flight for sure, and possibly a good chuck of our lodging.

The movie was Buffaloed, which is a low budget dark comedy / dramedy set in Buffalo NY starring Lea Thompson's daughter Zoe Deutch as a smart and enterprising young lady that blows her chance at an Ivy League education when she gets jail time for selling counterfeit Bills tickets for college money. When she gets out she ends up as a debt collector and is really good at it, leading to her starting her own shop and going to war with the mafioso types running that shady business in Buffalo. You'll be entertained if you avoid thinking too deeply about several huge plot holes in the set up.

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