Baseball and Reading

Posted on 07/13/2004 in misc

Beth and Ed are both waxing eloquent on baseball and books.

Certainly, no other sport has generated as much written word as baseball. (football actually brings up more results - but soccer is mixed into those results so I think my statement stands)

As Ed and Beth both point out, baseball and reading are connected in other ways too. Both take a relatively long time, both are done at a somewhat slower pace than many other activities today, and both are often viewed as "old fashioned."

Old fashioned is a badge I'll wear proudly in this case. Our house is over run with books. I think we have 10, maybe 12 bookcases in various rooms. All of them are stuffed. Weekly library trips are mandatory. I get nervous when I don't have something to read. The kids are the same.

And the baseball obsession among the males in the house needs no further elaboration.

I don't want to anoint Beth, Ed, and myself a trend, but I wonder if people deeply attracted to books are also predisposed towards baseball, and vice versa?

It would be an interesting sociology project.

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