Spring Training Thoughts

Posted on 02/04/2012 in misc

Pic from Red-Sox vs Nats

I exited the office early today and took in a couple of hours of sun and baseball with the Red Sox and Nationals. The Red Sox won, not that it matters in a Spring Training game. I left in the bottom of the 7th when both teams on the field were mostly guys who will not be on the MLB clubs in 24 hours.

A few random thoughts that crossed my mind as I enjoyed the game.

  • need to follow baseball more, and politics less. Especially this year.

  • $8.00 for a Miller Lite is freaking crazy. I didn't partake.

  • The $50 seats are nice, especially when you only paid $10 for it.

There were a lot of young kids with Dads there. However, the Dads are failing as the kids had no freaking idea about baseball. I taught the 5ish year old next to me to yell Yoooouuukkkk. What kind of Dad brings a child to a game unprepared to show proper respect to the Greek God of Walks?

California Girls may do it for the Beach Boys, but I'll take a woman in the Red Sox Jersey any day. There is no contest between the Red Sox girls and Nationals girls. The female members of Red Sox Nation win in a landslide that would make Obama - Santorum look close.

Opening Day is Thursday. Play Ball!

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