A 2 date night week

Posted on 06/14/2024 in misc

Monday night was a Drive By Truckers concert at Lewis Ginter Botanical gardens.

collage of photos from Drive By Truckers

Thursday night we went back to Lewis Ginter (we are members) for Flowers After 5, Pride edition, which is their weekly Thursday night happy hour event.

collage of photos from Lewis Ginter

I've had worse weeks.

I know the internet is littered with millions of articles about how hard marriage is. The number of divorces among our circle of friends suggests they aren't all wrong. However, 32.75 years into this thing and it's never really been that hard for us. I have no idea if we have it figured out, or we are just lucky.

Or maybe both. I generally avoid thinking about it too much and just trust that we obviously work, the why and how isn't important.

So, I probably won't be writing a how-to book about marriage.

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