Birds and Beer

Posted on 11/12/2023 in misc

My weekend - went birding twice, and checked out the newest brewery in RVA.

Saturday birding was at Tuckahoe Creek Park, and Sunday morning was Echo Lake Park.

On Saturday night we watched the new Jennifer Lawrence flick, No Hard Feelings, on Netflix. It's a rom-com, or raunch-com as described in Netflix. It's probably most notable for the full frontal nudity scene on the beach that apparently is all Jennifer Lawrence. It's funny enough and a worthy 105 minute diversion on Netflix.

On Sunday after noon I checked out RVA's newest brewery, Waygone Brewing. I had a fabulous dry stout and a really tasty NEIPA. I'm normally not a NEIPA fan but their Tree Huggin' IPA has a hazy look and tastes more like a juicy IPA than a NEIPA. I would happily drink both again.

Collage of photos from the weekend

Collage of photos from the weekend

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