Vaccinated and it Feels so Good

Posted on 03/24/2021 in misc

and it feels so good
'cause I understood
My wife's got her shots
now we can party or not
We're both so excited 'cause we're
Hey, hey

At exactly 8:24 AM this morning I got my first dose of Pfizer. 11 hours later I feel absolutely nothing beyond a slightly sore arm.

Updates as events warrant.

Also, I know I'm not fully vaccinated yet and I will continue to behave as though I'm not vaccinated until two weeks after my second dose, which is April 28, but who's counting? Significantly, that date is before both our week long camping trip to the Gatlinburg area, and opening day for the Flying Squirrels.

4/14 Shot #2 Update

Woke up on the 15th feeling like I had had one drink too many the night before. It faded by about 4 PM and I felt fine after dinner.

Also, I have procured tickets to the Kickers home opener on the 24th and Squirrels tickets go on sale Monday. Live sports are only a week away!

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