30th Anniversary

Posted on 08/29/2021 in misc

I am far away
On our anniversary
Dinner with Ed instead

Dinner with a friend 2000 miles from home is no way to spend my 30th anniversary.

Our 30th anniversary on 8-19 found me 2000 miles from home on a business trip. I had flowers delivered because I didn't make it to 30 years by being an idiot.

wedding photo

wedding photo

We weren't celebrating until the weekend so it wasn't that big of a deal that I was out of town. However I almost missed that too as I had both a pre-check screw up and a security snafu at the Denver airport that led to me getting to the gate 5 minutes after takeoff.

The plane was still there. I have never been so happy to have the middle seat at the back of a Southwest flight. If I had missed the flight I was probably stuck in Denver until Sunday.

We spent the weekend in Hampton, VA, hanging out at Buckroe Beach by day and enjoying a nice seafood dinner on Saturday night.

It wasn't the epic European vacation that we had been talking about (thanks COVID-19!) but it was just fine. Beach, beer, seafood, and the love of my life. All my favorite things!

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