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Billy Joel The Definitive Biography

Posted on 01/17/2019 in misc • Tagged with Books, Music

Bok cover - Billy Joel Biography

Billy Joel The Definitive Biography started out as an autobiography. Joel killed the project at the last minute, however, he allowed his co-writer to redo the book as a biography. They had so much audio recorded of Billy and everybody in his life that it almost reads like an oral …

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The Yellow Freight Sales Call

Posted on 01/16/2019 in misc • Tagged with Sales

A while back we got a voice mail from a sales rep at Yellow Freight that was so bad in every possible way that I just had to document it here. This is a lesson on what NOT to do on a cold call.

The voice mail was about 90 …

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How many LinkedIn contacts is too many

Posted on 01/14/2019 in misc • Tagged with Internet, LinkedIn

I've got a little over 1000 LinkedIn contacts. A lot of people would claim I have a network. A lot of people would wrong. The vast majority of the contacts are random people I chatted with once for 5 minutes at a conference, and have never spoken to again. Or …

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New Year New Server

Posted on 01/12/2019 in misc • Tagged with Site News

My web host got bought out by a large hosting company that I don't want to deal with. So I get to migrate to a new host. This is made infinately easier by the fact that this site is just a collection of HTML files and images. Yay for not …

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2018 in selfies

Posted on 01/07/2019 in misc • Tagged with Personal, Family

photo collage

I've done this for the last few years - pulled out my favorite selfies from the year and put them into a slideshow. Why yes, this is a low effort blog post just posting something I already made. Why do you ask?

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Where are the American bubble factories

Posted on 01/06/2019 in misc • Tagged with Economics, Music

I was out running errands with my wife today and she wanted to stop by the Dollar Store to pick up a bottle of bubbles for the preschool she runs. Swinging by the Dollar Store to buy a bottle of bubbles made me immediately think of (Whatever Happened to The …

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