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The Olive Garden salad that changed my life

Posted on 04/19/2019 in misc • Tagged with Life, Personal, Food

Fred Lynn baseball card

Our first date was Feb 21, 1987. I've told that story. This is the story of a later date. I don't remember when exactly; sometime between that first date and the end of the semester. I think we were back at her house in Zionsville, IN and I think it …

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Bye Bye Baseball Cards

Posted on 03/31/2019 in misc • Tagged with Facebook, Life

Fred Lynn baseball card

A couple of years ago I occupied myself while Michelle was recovering from cancer treatment by finally organizing the 5000 odd baseball cards I had in boxes in the closet. At the time I thought I was just making use of the downtime to downsize a bit since we were …

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Facebook is Finally Dead To Me

Posted on 03/25/2019 in misc • Tagged with Facebook

Sometime in the last week or so Facebook has killed the one feature I rely on to use it. As I've documented here previously, I unfollowed everybody on Facebook a couple of years ago. It renders my Facebook wall useless. Many days the only updates on my wall are a …

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The Epic Puerto Rico Vacation Post II

Posted on 03/10/2019 in misc • Tagged with Puerto_Rico

As I start this post I'm on JetBlue flying home from our second vacation to Puerto Rico. An island that I think is the Dominican Republic is visible out my window. Nothing about this week changed how I feel about Puerto Rico. A couple more years to build up savings …

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It won't be a five minute interruption

Posted on 02/27/2019 in misc • Tagged with Business

Professor Gloria Mark ran a study to determine the impact of the constant stream of interruptions that we call work in 2019. On any given day I've got emails, phone calls, text messages, Slack messages, Zoom calls, Google Drive notifications, and Jira or Confluence notifications that can demand my attention …

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Nobody Cares About Your Content

Posted on 02/21/2019 in misc • Tagged with Business, Internet

I don't produce content. Nobody cares about content.

  • I write stories.

  • I share photos.

  • I rant

  • I make a point

  • I try to be funny

  • And yeah, occasionally I even troll.

So please don't invite me to consume, share, or otherwise interact with your content. I don't care about content …

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