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All my rides

Posted on 01/12/2021 in misc • Tagged with Personal, Cars

Every car I've owned

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Do I need this stuff

Posted on 01/03/2021 in misc • Tagged with Internet

Thinking about minimalism and digital stuff

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My blog is eligible for lower car insurance rates

Posted on 12/31/2020 in misc • Tagged with Site-News

I've really been doing this for 25 years?

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A Look Back at The Underground History of Education

Posted on 12/28/2020 in misc • Tagged with Education, Books

Does it hold up 15 years after I first read it?

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Always Go To The Funeral

Posted on 12/26/2020 in misc • Tagged with Life, Movies

Do the little things. They add up.

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Christmas 2020

Posted on 12/23/2020 in misc • Tagged with Personal, Family

It was certainly a year, wasn't it?

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