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Personal Branding is BS

Posted on 02/18/2019 in misc • Tagged with Business

Brands are imaginary constructs. Proctor and Gamble has 32 laundry detergents that have mostly the same chemicals in them. Branding is how they convince you to pay more for Tide. Branding is why you pay $3 for a coffee at Starbucks when the $1 coffee at Wawa is actually better …

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Becoming by Michelle Obama

Posted on 02/13/2019 in misc • Tagged with Books

I'm pretty sure "write a book immediately upon leaving the White House" is in the First Lady contract. This is the first edition I've read though. The title comes from the construct of the book. The first third is her story - becoming Michelle Robinson. The middle third is the story …

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Digital Minimalism

Posted on 02/11/2019 in misc • Tagged with Internet

This interview with Cal Newport about his new book Digital Minimalism is really interesting. I really want to believe we are at a tipping point where people start to push back against the encroachment of digital technology in our lives.

He makes an interesting analogy between the tech world and …

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Welcome to Walgreens

Posted on 02/07/2019 in misc • Tagged with Business

Am I the only person that gets annoyed by the employees at Walgreens (and I think CVS does it too) shouting "Welcome to Walgreens" at you as you enter the store? I'm not a monster, so if somebody greets me I feel obligated to acknowledge them. And that means I …

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Night by Elie Wiesel

Posted on 02/06/2019 in misc • Tagged with Books, History

If you are younger than me you may have read this in school. I didn't read it until last night. It's a slim volume - only 110 pages. But it's enough. When the author was 15 he was rounded up in Hungary and shipped off to Auschwitz.

These 110 pages are …

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The Holy Shit Moment

Posted on 02/05/2019 in misc • Tagged with Books

Book Cover

I'm not looking to make any major life changes. I mostly bought the book because Fell is entertaining, and since he has been entertaining me for free on his Facebook page for a couple of years, I figured buying his book was the least I could do.

The book is …

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