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The Air Fryer is a Game Changer

Posted on 03/06/2022 in misc • Tagged with Food

The Air Fryer is a game changer

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Inputs - Feb 22

Posted on 02/28/2022 in misc • Tagged with Music, Books, TV, Movies

Media Consumption in February 2022

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12,785 days ago…

Posted on 02/21/2022 in misc • Tagged with Personal

Which party I attended turned out to be a really important decision.

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Email and RSS are Quiet

Posted on 02/19/2022 in misc • Tagged with Internet

Email and RSS are quiet, and quiet is good

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My Day with President Biden

Posted on 02/11/2022 in misc • Tagged with Personal, Politics, Virginia

30 feet from President Biden is not my closest Presidential encounter

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Inputs - Jan 2022

Posted on 02/07/2022 in misc • Tagged with Books, Music, Internet, TV

It's like a Substack newsletter, without the beg for a subscription.

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Maybe we need more friction

Posted on 02/03/2022 in misc • Tagged with Internet, Twitter, Blogs

The ease of clicking reply and saying something rude or stupid is going to cause a war soon, if it hasn’t already.

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Maybe you don't really need Spotify

Posted on 01/30/2022 in misc • Tagged with Music, Internet

Some thoughts on the Spotify - Joe Rogan dust up

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The Wanderlust is Real

Posted on 01/22/2022 in misc • Tagged with Personal

The walls are closing in after a month of no travel.

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Cutting back on Social Media 2022 Edition

Posted on 01/05/2022 in misc • Tagged with Facebook, LinkedIn, Internet, Personal

It's time to be less plugged in

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Aldi Advent Beer Box

Posted on 01/02/2022 in misc • Tagged with Food

24 bottles of beer in the box, 24 bottles of beer...

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2021 Was Certainly a Year

Posted on 12/31/2021 in misc • Tagged with Site-News, Personal

We did it. We survived another year in a pandemic.

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Puerto Rico 2021

Posted on 12/23/2021 in misc • Tagged with Travel, Puerto_Rico

Our 3rd trip to Puerto Rico

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iPhone not receiving texts from some Android phones

Posted on 12/19/2021 in misc • Tagged with Google, Apple

How to fix the problem when iPhone is not receiving texts from specific Android phones

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Weekend in Roanoke

Posted on 11/21/2021 in misc • Tagged with Travel Virginia

Birthday weekend in Roanoke

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A Tale of Two Campgrounds

Posted on 11/15/2021 in misc • Tagged with Travel, Camping, Aliner-Ascape, Virginia

I didn't let one asshole camping neighbor ruin my weekend

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Camping at Cave Mountain Lake

Posted on 10/21/2021 in misc • Tagged with Travel, Camping, Aliner-Ascape, Virginia

Hookups? We don't need no stinking hookups

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Maid: A book review

Posted on 10/17/2021 in misc • Tagged with Books


It’s been a while since I elevated a book review to the front page, so you know this book is special.

I finished Maid, by Stephanie Land last week. Put simply, it’s the best look at what life is really like for the working poor that you will …

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80s Movie Week

Posted on 09/25/2021 in misc • Tagged with Movies

We re-watched five classic 80s movies this week

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Camping at Devils Backbone Brewery

Posted on 09/19/2021 in misc • Tagged with Travel, Camping, Aliner-Ascape, Virginia

Camping at a brewery is just as great as you think it is

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