Posted on 03/09/2024 in misc

Loudermilk centers on Sam Loudermilk, an alcoholic who runs a support group at a Catholic Church in Seattle managed by a foul-mouthed priest. Sam is a cranky misanthrope who still isn't over his ex-wife, he's an ex-Rolling Stone music journalist with several published books that can't write sober, and he's played wonderfully by Ron Livingston.

This is a comedy, and although it gets silly at times, the addiction of the support group participants are almost always central to the stories, making it a dark, and sometimes very dark comedy about how managing your addiction is sometimes the easy part of life as an addict.

It only had a 3-year run on Netflix, meaning you can binge all 30 episodes fairly quickly. We finished this week, after starting maybe 3 weeks ago.


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