I've got the blues this week

Posted on 05/03/2024 in misc

On Tuesday Facebook reminded me that Buddy Guy was playing locally Wednesday evening. My wife had to work early Thursday AM so she was not interested in attending. So I went alone.

Buddy Guy was freaking amazing. The dude turns 87 in July and he still shreds. It was my first time at the Carpenter Theater in Richmond. It's a very cozy 1800 seat theater that is pushing 100 years old.

collage of photos from Buddy Guy show

This morning I had a blues radio station playing on YT Music, and a banging tune titled Poor until Payday came on. I stopped what i was doing to listen, then favorited the tune so I could investigate further over lunch.

Over lunch, I pulled up the band's profile on YT Music, Reverend Peyton and the Big Damn Band. The band title is a bit of a joke I think, since they are a trio playing vintage instruments, including a washboard. Anyway, Poor Until Payday is the title track from their 2018 album, so I played it. The entire album bangs. I then went on to their 2021 album, Dance Songs for Hard Times. It also bangs. Then I went way back to 2012 to their debut album. It's another banger.

The genre is officially country blues. They also have some rockabilly vibes with gospel influences. What ever they are, they bang.

That is a lot of words to say I bought two albums today from a band I had never heard of at 8 AM this morning.

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