Watershed - Blow It Up Before It Breaks

Posted on 05/18/2024 in misc

Watershed started rocking Columbus in the late 80s. They never hit the record contract home run*, but it's not for lack of trying, and certainly not for lack of deserving it. I can think of no other band that I'm familiar with that "should of hit it big" more than Watershed.

So I was thrilled when they announced a new full-length album recently. I got my digital copy last night, and I'm currently on my 5th listen.

This is classic Watershed. Imagine your platonic ideal (or sexy ideal) of a Midwesteren rock band...that is what you get here. Songs that never exceed 4 minutes, strong Cheap Trick influences, and tight melodies that beg to sung along with are classic Watershed trademarks, and they are all here in abundance.

There is no record company involved this. This is music from the heart from 4 dudes that all have real jobs, kids, etc. You should buy the record just because of that. The fact that it's damn good is icing on the cake.

I got an advance digital copy of the record via backing it on Kickstarter and as far as I can tell, they haven't even released it to the streaming services yet. So as much as I want to share a tune with you, I can't do it yet. I'll update this with a link or video when one is available. In the meantime, enjoy this golden oldie from them.

Watershed - How Do You Feel

*They did get a one record deal in the 90s, and their debut album was produced by Jim Steinman (the guy that produced Bat Out of Hell). However they got dropped while touring to promote the new record. So to torture the baseball analogy, they got throw out at first in their only MLB at bat.

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