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Fake Instagram Influencers

Posted on 12/19/2018 in misc • Tagged with Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Way back in the day when blogs ruled the Internet getting admitted to the BlogAds network was kind of a big deal. It meant that you could start to make …

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31 Day Blogging Challenge 2018

Posted on 12/01/2018 in misc • Tagged with Site-News, Internet, Blogs

31 Day blogging challenge logo

Blame Andrea for this - she tweeted about it and 31 posts in a row might be what it takes for me to hit my 1 post a week goal for …

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There are no Christmas Card friends on Facebook

Posted on 12/29/2016 in misc • Tagged with Internet, Facebook, Blogs


Back before the Internet, many of us sent out lots of Christmas cards every year. For many people on your Christmas card list, it was the only contact you would …

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Writing About Not Writing

Posted on 04/20/2016 in misc • Tagged with Site-News, Internet, Blogs

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via Flickr

My buddy Hart Brachen just came back to daily writing after taking a year off from the Internet. Of course, he was returning from the award winning cartoon …

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Would You Miss My Blog Archives?

Posted on 12/28/2014 in misc • Tagged with Site-News, Blogs

I'm thinking about taking the archives down

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Blogs are back

Posted on 08/27/2014 in misc • Tagged with Internet, Blogs

Blogs are making a comeback, maybe.

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