On The Virtues of Slow Living

Posted on 06/14/2004 in misc

Fred First has penned a nice piece on slow living. I was just commenting to Michelle this weekend that I'm really looking forward to a summer with nowhere I "have" to be. Cub Scouts is done, Little League has a week or two to go, Girl Scouts will be done tomorrow, we have no major trips planned this summer, and starting next week I'll be working out of the house full time again, trading in my 4 hour round trip commute for a 10 second trip up the stairs to my office.

I think a lot of what Fred wrote will resonate with homeschoolers. I certaintly have come to understand that one of the primary benefits of homeschooling is the control we have over our lives. We aren't bound by an arbitrary government school calendar. We don't have to be at the bus stop at 7 AM. We don't have to vacation in the summer when everybody else does. We are very busy, but for the most part it is all stuff we have chosen to do. As Fred put it, "There is a difference between being busy and being hurried."

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