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Friends with pricetags

Posted on 01/08/2017 in misc • Tagged with Parenting, Business

McDonalds play area

Today’s Washington Post has this completely absurd story about a woman in DC that has turned a neighborhood playgroup into a $300,000 a year business.


I totally …

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Teenage Wasteland

Posted on 04/30/2012 in misc • Tagged with Economics, Parenting

Kids can't get jobs in this economy

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Why is prom still a big deal

Posted on 05/18/2007 in misc • Tagged with Education, Parenting

Proms are just a dry run for the big weeding that has been pushed on girls since birth

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Failure is good

Posted on 05/08/2007 in misc • Tagged with Parenting

If you aren't failing you aren't pushing yourself

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Winning and losing in youth sports

Posted on 04/24/2007 in misc • Tagged with Parenting, Sports

Have fun, and get better after every practice and game are the only goals youth sports teams need

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Elitists at the gate

Posted on 01/06/2006 in misc • Tagged with Parenting

Junior Cotillions are still a thing?

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