Why is prom still a big deal

Posted on 05/18/2007 in misc

Why is prom still a big deal?

18 May 2007

Washington Post columnist Marc Fisher raises an interesting point. If we believe all the press about the teenager hook up culture, and how dating is dead to them and they prefer to run in packs, then why is prom still a big deal?

Prom is marketed to girls almost from birth. It starts with Cinderella and never stops. The prom business is way too big to let something like teenage preferences get in their way. The marketeers will just work harder to make sure every girl dreams about the prom. For the boys, it's much simpler. Prom night represents their best chance to get lucky. Combine those and prom will remain a big deal for a long time.

Then again, I went to prom with "a friend" who had a boyfriend that already graduated from high school (and thus could not take her to the prom), so I may not be a good authority on this subject.

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