Give Me Spring Break or give me death

Posted on 05/20/2004 in misc

(with apologies to Patrick Henry...)

Local (Spotsylvania County) parents are in an uproar over a proposal to cut back on Winter and Spring Break time. I don't have a dog in this hunt, so I really don't care what they do. However, several of the quotes are hysterical as these people try desperately to avoid admitting the obvious, they don't want to lose vacation time.

"While I appreciate my son has to learn about Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln, he's also got to know his family," Douglas said. "There's more to life than SOLs."

So, you dump your kid off at school 180 days a year, but 2 or 3 days in March makes a huge difference in family life? Right.....

Shelley Whitt, who has two children in Spotsylvania schools, agreed, adding: "A full week off (in the spring) allows kids to come back rested and prepared for SOLs."

I'm sure she is bringing flash cards to Disney or the beach on Spring Break, so they can prepare for the SOL's.

Another concern for Whitt: "A lot of people take their vacations at the end of August because that's when off-season rates kick in."

At least she is being honest.

Douglas said he thinks the county's teachers, who are already paid less than those in neighboring Stafford County, would eye other school districts if the calendar changes pass

And then the county could replace them all with freshly minted education graduates at lower salaries. Now I see the genius in this plan. Heh.

Spotsylvania School Board member and former teacher Ray Lora said he's been "bombarded" with phone calls and e-mails from people unhappy with the calendars.

Funny how involved the parents are now that their vacation time is at risk. I'll bet 95% of those that called have never been to a PTA meeting.

But Lora wants to see a weeklong spring break. "There is a reason why we've been doing this through the years," he said. "It's not time off, it's time well put to use. Visiting Grandma is an educational thing."


Now that I think about it, I do have a dog in this hunt. If school starts a week earlier, then I can go to the beach a week earlier!

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