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Open Availability

Posted on 04/23/2018 in misc • Tagged with Employment, Business

Help Wanted sign

The WaWa near me has had a "help wanted" sign on the door pretty much since the day we moved to Richmond back in November. The job pays $10+ and hour, all shifts available. No more than 29 hours a week though, because, benefits. . . . .

Open availability only.

If you are …

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Stop blaming the prospect for your poor prospecting skills

Posted on 08/23/2017 in misc • Tagged with Sales, Business, LinkedIn

cold calling image

There is type of post that seems to be particularly popular on LinkedIn. It's generally written by a salesperson or recruiter (same thing really), and the post is a rant about how rude some prospect or candidate was in rejecting their offer. The comments quickly fill up with other sales …

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I think I had this job once. Or twice.

Posted on 02/15/2017 in misc • Tagged with Books, Business, Internet

Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble by Dan Lyons

Another budget Kindle special. Dan, a 52 year old unemployed journalist, gets a PR job with pre-IPO Hubspot. Hilarity ensures, mostly in Dan's telling of the mismanaged disaster Hubspot is. I always though that software was BS, so I wasn't …

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HGTV is Evil

Posted on 02/06/2017 in misc • Tagged with TV, Business


Before I get into this I have to admit that I partake of way more of HGTV's evil than is probably healthy. So why do I think HGTV is evil?

Every show on that network is basically selling the idea that your life is not good enough as is, and …

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Friends with pricetags

Posted on 01/08/2017 in misc • Tagged with Parenting, Business

McDonalds play area

Today’s Washington Post has this completely absurd story about a woman in DC that has turned a neighborhood playgroup into a $300,000 a year business.


I totally get the desire of parents with young kids to meet and connect with other parents with similar aged kids. Been …

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Why Is Your Name Upside-Down? Stories From A Life In Advertising by David Oakley

Posted on 10/28/2015 in misc • Tagged with Books, Non-fiction, Business


Last weekend I was skimming Twitter and I saw a tweet from David Oakley offering free copies of his book. The tweet was less than a minute old, and I'd had his book on my wish list for a while. I clicked through and the freebies were gone, so I …

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