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3 Aspects of Trust

Posted on 01/23/2019 in misc • Tagged with Business, Sales

Trust. What does that word really mean? We use it all the time, both in a business sense and in a personal sense.

You trust that your boss has your …

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The Yellow Freight Sales Call

Posted on 01/16/2019 in misc • Tagged with Sales

A while back we got a voice mail from a sales rep at Yellow Freight that was so bad in every possible way that I just had to document it …

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10 Things About a Job In Sales

Posted on 03/28/2018 in misc • Tagged with Sales

Gen X chart

I've been selling for a living since 1995. I've learned a few things.

  1. The territory is never in good shape. Don't believe them when they claim it is. If the …

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Stop blaming the prospect for your poor prospecting skills

Posted on 08/23/2017 in misc • Tagged with Sales, Business, LinkedIn

cold calling image

There is type of post that seems to be particularly popular on LinkedIn. It's generally written by a salesperson or recruiter (same thing really), and the post is a rant …

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The Challenger Sale

Posted on 12/30/2015 in misc • Tagged with Books, Sales

The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon

The Challenger Sales confirms something I've long believed, that most "relationship" sales people are full of shit. When you sell high value expensive stuff …

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The truth about Twitter (for Sales Executives)

Posted on 02/13/2015 in misc • Tagged with Business, Sales, Internet, Twitter

Twitter will not vault you past your sales quota

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