No Joy in Mudville - A Little League Memoir

Posted on 07/12/2004 in misc

Greg Mitchell, best known for non-fiction political writing, delivers a fun tale of the ups and downs in coaching his son's Little League team.

I could have written this book. In fact I did. Browse through the basketball coaching, and baseball archives - I make many of the same points Greg does. It's all here, pain in the ass parents, kids lack of interest in baseball, kids never play pick up games today, kids that really love the game, and kids on the team that are real characters. It's all in the book, and it's here at O'DonnellWeb too. I've written about all those subjects.

Next time I think to myself...this would make a good book, I'm going to act on it! In the meantime, all parents with kids in youth sports should read Joy in Muddville. It's funny, entertaining, and serious, all at the same time.

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