Editing Web Album Templates in gThumb

Posted on 09/11/2011 in misc

As part of the ongoing De-Googlization of my life, I've been investigating various options to share photos on the web. There are plenty of purpose built apps that will do that, some of them rivaling Flickr or Picasa in features. I was looking for something very simple, and finally settled on the web album export feature in gThumb. It produces a very clean and usable web photo album, exactly what I was looking for. However, the font size on the photo comment field was way too small for my tastes. Since gThumb is open source, I have the right to edit to code to suit me, so that is exactly what I did. The web albums templates are in /usr/share/gthumb/albumthemes and they are simply HTML and CSS. All I had to so was simply edit the CSS file for the theme to make the font larger. It took 5 minutes. Yes, editing some CSS is not quite the same as rewriting the app, but it's still far more control over the software than I would have with a closed source application. In that case, I'd be stuck with whatever limits the developer set on editing layouts. With an open source application like gThumb, I'm in control.

I've also added a page to the web site where I'll maintain a list of the web albums as they get added.

BTW, I'm not new to gThumb. It's been my desktop photo manager of choice for a while. But I had never played with the web album plugin before this week.

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