Yay Mark Kotsay

Posted on 07/24/2002 in misc

About 6 weeks ago my son (8 years old) sent a fan letter to his favorite baseball player, San Diego Padre Mark Kotsay, complete with a baseball card to autograph and a self addressed stamp envelope to help ease the financial burden of fan relations on the team. After a couple of weeks of checking the mail, he got discouraged. I tried to tell him to give it time, as I was fairly sure Kotsay would reply. How much fan mail can he get? He's not Barry Bonds!

The autographed card finally came back today. Unfortunately I was out out a meeting so I missed his excitement when it arrived. However, he was still beaming an hour later when I got home. Just in time too, I was starting to lose confidence myself! And Kotsay has solidified his favorite player status, at least for the rest of this season!

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