Why Your Free Blog Host Matters

Posted on 04/06/2006 in misc

The current meme floating around HomeschoolBlogger is that choosing to blog there does not associate the blogger with The Pearls or TTUAC.


If you choose to blog at Redstate.com it's because you want to be part of the Republican club. If you choose to blog at DailyKos it's because you want to be part of the I hate Republicans club. If you blog at Slashdot it's to be associated with the geek crowd. And when you blog at HSB you willingly associate with the It's OK to hit your child with plumbing supplies club.

When you blog there you are part of that club, whether you like it or not. It's the whole point of a niche blog community. The HSB club leader is on record as enthusiastically supporting The Pearls and TTUAC. You can't just wish that association away.

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