Tweets I might have sent this weekend

Posted on 09/26/2010 in misc

For 40 glorious hours I couldn't even call my wife, let alone post to Facebook or Twitter. When was the last time you were cut off completely like that? It's liberating. I need to do it more often.

  • WTF? Not even a weak signal at the campground.
  • Cheap ground beef from BJ's taste so much better when transported 300 miles and grilled outdoors.
  • Reading by headlamp at the campfire.
  • I wonder if Michelle would let me build a fire and read by it in the backyard?
  • Middle of nowhere and I found a rocking metal station. Radio in FredVegas sucks.
  • I think my son is cheating at Yahtzee. Nobody nails the roll this frequently by chance.
  • Camping neighbors bacon sure smells good, but I'm too lazy to cook in the AM. Instant oatmeal FTW!
  • Camping store opens at 10 and I need a topo map b4 hitting the trail. So departure will be delayed an hour.
  • Sign at trailhead warns of extreme weather changes in the mountains.
  • Visibility is about 200 feet. So much for one of Virginia's most scenic hikes.
  • Just ran into my camping neighbors on the trail with their two border collies.
  • Just turned onto the Appalachian Trail. Mt Rogers here we come.
  • It sort of looks like Mt Doom out here.
  • This wind is evil - has to be gusting to at least 40 mph
  • Rocks,rocks, rocks. Our feet haven't touched grass or soil in about 45 minutes.
  • Just walked into a stand of Frasier Firs. It smells like Christmas.
  • There are a lot of Boy Scouts on the trail this weekend.
  • Lunch break. Smashed up PB&J, GORP, and an apple for lunch.
  • I'm in much better shape this year. No problems keeping up with the teenager.
  • Lots of people hiking with dogs. I could never do that with the beagles.
  • Just hit the spur trail to the summit of Mt Rogers.
  • It's like a different world - a NW style pine and fir forest as we approach the summit.
  • At this moment every single person in VA is beneath me. Literally.
  • Walking downhill is easier than walking uphill.
  • Fog starting to clear - getting glimpses of the beautiful vistas up here.
  • 3 miles from help and you are out here without a pack, in sandals? Really?
  • My knees are going to make me pay for all these rocks.
  • Getting close to home - starting to see tourists just out for a walk.
  • You aren't fooling us with the shiny new walking poles. You won't last 30 minutes.
  • Never did see the vaunted wild ponies. Oh well, no pictures for Delaney.
  • We did see about 10 tons of pony poop though.
  • Can see the parking lot - on the home stretch now.
  • Back at the car, 9 miles and 5 hours after we started.
  • Back at the campsite. Nap time?
  • We just ate 3 serving each of pasta for dinner. Guess we were hungry.
  • Reading by the campfire again.
  • Only baseball game I can find on the radio is Royals - Indians.
  • Been in the tent 10 minutes and it started raining. Nice timing there.
  • Just destroyed Breck at Cribbage.
  • I love the sound of the rain on a tent as I go to sleep. Goodnight all.
  • 7 AM and it's still pouring. Need a plan to get car loaded with minimum soakage of us or stuff.
  • I love it when a plan comes together.
  • Granola bar and Diet Dr Pepper in the car for breakfast. Hitting the road for Appomattox, then home.

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