The Secret to Marriage

Posted on 04/15/2012 in misc

Since we hit the big 20 year milestone last year I've been asked a few times about our "secret." I don't think we have one, and I usually laughed off addressing that question by saying something along the lines of our secret being that neither of us spent any time obsessing over the secret to a long and happy marriage.

Then this week while reading The Soul of Baseball I found the quote that nails it. It says exactly what I was thinking. However, coming from a 94 year old ex-Negro League star who was married for 51 years, it carries a little more weight.

That’s how it goes in this world. Life doesn’t turn out the way you think. You just hold on to each other. That’s the trick.

I agree. It really is that simple.

Expect more on Buck O'Neil here this week. I loved this book. Buck O'Neil was a truly exceptional human being.

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