The Rescue Nurse by J Phillip Horne

Posted on 03/14/2020 in misc

Rescue Nurse book cover

Imagine somebody binged on Mission Impossible and Jason Bourne movies for a weekend, then decided to write a book immediately after that weekend binge. They might write The Rescue Nurse. The pacing can best described as frenetic, as our hero Michael Grimm is deep in the shit within the first few pages, and the action doesn't let up until the final few pages.

Grimm is a Rescue Nurse, employed by a private company to help extract people from "situations" in which the skills that come with Special Forces type military training would come in handy, or might even be essential. In this case, he is trying to extract a women from Rome who has been shot up by people that would rather she not live. I won't give away any more of the plot than that, but trust me, it's highly entertaining with an impressive body count. However it's not graphic at all.

Disclaimer: I've known the author since were were teenagers, however he didn't even give me a review copy of the book ;) I bought it from Amazon like anybody else.

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